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NDC Guide to 2022 Midterm Ballot Measures

by | Oct 25, 2022 | Policy

State Measures


Prop 121 – Income Tax Rate Reduction


Ballot Measure: Reduction of the state income tax rate for individuals and corporations from 4.55% to 4.40%

Rationale: With current budget forecasts, for the next few years this change would simply result in a change to the TABOR refund tax payers receive. However, when there is an economic downturn and the state revenue is below the TABOR cap, the state will have fewer resources to support education, health care, human services, and housing.


Prop 123 – Affordable Housing Fund


Ballot Measure: Sets aside state income tax revenue, exempted from the revenue cap, to support affordable housing programs such as land banking, a tenant equity program, affordable rental housing, affordable home ownership, supportive housing, and capacity building.

Rationale: The need for more affordable housing options is now felt in every corner of the state. A significant and dedicated funding stream will support the types of investments required to address the issues of constrained supply and housing cost burden in different regional contexts with the flexibility needed to meet communities where they are.


City and County of Denver


Denver 2I


Ballot Measure: Property tax increase and future mill levy increase to support current and expanded services from the Denver Public Library including:

  • Increasing tech support especially for those without access to internet
  • Enhancing programs for youth, older adults, communities of color, and other vulnerable populations
  • Expanding job resources

Rationale: Libraries provide important services for the general public, but are critical in supporting those experiencing homelessness, by connecting them with services and support.


Denver 2K


Ballot Measure: Continue to assess the 0.25% sales and use tax approved in 2020 to fund housing, shelter, and services for people experiencing homelessness.

Rationale: These funds are helping to address the needs of our unhoused neighbors and are still needed to provide housing and services for these residents.


Denver 305


Ballot Measure: Increase the excise tax on landlords by $75/unit annually to fund legal representation for tenants facing eviction.

Rationale: While NDC strongly supports a dedicated fund to provide legal representation for tenants facing eviction, this ordinance does not exempt non-profit housing providers from the excise tax. This will result in market rate landlords likely passing this cost on to their tenants, while non-profit providers of income restricted housing will have to absorb these costs. Effectively, non-profit housing providers are being assessed a tax to This will reduce the amount of funding available for service provision and will reduce future funding available for new affordable housing development. NDC plans to work with local leaders to amend this ordinance should it pass.


Denver 306


Ballot Measure: Require multifamily residential premises, non-residential premises, and food waste producers to offer recycling and organic material diversion.

Rationale: NDC is in support of efforts to improve how the City handles waste, however, without a clear understanding of the fiscal impact to affordable housing providers, the organization is taking a neutral stance on this ordinance.


Denver 307


Ballot Measure: Create a sidewalk master plan and a program to build out and maintain the sidewalk network in Denver, funded through a fee assessed to property owners.

Rationale: The City of Denver has a very inconsistent sidewalk network which limits accessibility and creates unsafe situations for pedestrians. This disrupted network imposes the largest burdens on people with limited mobility or those who can not afford to drive. Transferring responsibility for sidewalk construction and maintenance over from individual property owners to the City will certainly improve these conditions. However, without a clear understanding of the fiscal impact to affordable housing providers, NDC is taking a neutral stance on this ordinance.


City of Aurora


Aurora Question 3A


Ballot Measure: Removal of the prohibition against convicted felons serving in elected office; replacement with a prohibition barring those who have been convicted of: embezzlement of public money, bribery, or perjury.

Rationale: Governments at all levels should discontinue the practice of extending punishment beyond time served for those convicted of crimes, it creates a category of second class citizens and disproportionately affects BIPOC members of our community.


City of Englewood


Englewood 2C


Ballot Measure: Increase sales and use tax by 0.1% to fund alternate policing services addressing homelessness, mental health, and addiction.

Rationale: Provides a dedicated funding source to address the needs of those experiencing homelessness or those suffering from mental health and addiction crises. Frees up existing police resources to focus on crime prevention. Specially trained responders can more effectively and compassionately meet the needs of those experiencing homelessness or a mental health or addiction related crisis.


Boulder County


Boulder County 1A


Ballot Measure: Increase County sales and use tax by 0.1% to fund wildfire mitigation efforts such as forest and grassland management and community partnerships to help residents prepare for wildfires.

Rationale: As seen with the Marshall Fire in 2021, wildfires have tremendous impacts on housing markets by driving down supply quickly and dramatically. More resources are needed to help reduce the likelihood of wildfires and prepare communities for when these disasters happen.

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