CHAC Homebuyer Assistance Program

CHAC’s homebuyer assistance program provides low-interest, flexible loans to low and moderate (80% AMI or less) income first time homebuyers. These loans can be used for down payments and closing cost assistance. The power of this program can be understood through the following story of a family (not pictured for reasons of privacy) that CHAC recently helped.

The buyer, a single father, is blind. His mother lives with the family and helps care for the two children. They both participated in Home Buyer Education provided by CHAC and also received phone counseling prior to closing. They purchased a 3-bedroom home in an established neighborhood, fulfilling a longtime family goal. Having this home will provide a stable place for the owner and his children; allow them to live closer to public transportation, shopping, schools, libraries and other facilities; and the mortgage payment, PITI , will be less than the rent the family was paying.


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Colorado Housing Assistance Corporation (CHAC)