The new legislative measures are like a big hug for affordable housing in Colorado! Thanks to our partnership with Cornerstone, our lobbying efforts underscore NDC’s commitment to enhance affordable housing and housing services, emphasizing balanced subsidies, tenant protections, increased housing options, and funding for essential services. The outcomes of the session will clearly create a more enabling environment to help ensure everyone has a cozy place to call home. Here’s the gist:

  • Balanced Support: new rules ensure mission-based organizations get the right amount of help without going overboard
  • Affordable Housing Tax Credits: $20M in new state housing tax credits are being set aside each year to make housing more affordable, especially near transit areas
  • Higher Density Housing: more houses in less space! Cities must allow more housing near transit to help everyone get housed.
  • Flexible Parking Rules: Cities can’t force builders to include unnecessary parking spots, which means more room for housing.
  • Accessory Dwelling Units: Small, extra living units in single-family zone districts are now a go, promoting diverse and inclusive housing arrangements.

Additionally, we are excited to share that NDC’s own priority bill HB24-1308 passed and has been signed into law! We believe this bill will pave the way for a brighter, more affordable housing future in Colorado, benefiting families, organizations, and communities alike. Here’s why we co-sponsored it with Representatives Lisa Frizell and William Lindstedt, and Senator Julie Gonzales, and what it means for the future of affordable housing in Colorado.

  • Transparent and Efficient Processes: Transparency is key! This bill requires detailed reporting on the status of housing applications and the allocation of funds. It also sets timelines for processing applications and contracts, ensuring a faster, smoother process for all involved.
  • Balanced Support for Housing Projects: We wanted to ensure that mission-based organizations, like many of our members, receive the right level of financial support. This bill strikes a balance – helping these organizations without overloading them with debt or forcing them to cut back on essential services.
  • Optimizing Housing Outcomes: We aimed to ensure the funding from DOH leads to the best possible outcomes. This includes not just more housing units but also ensuring that these units are financially sustainable, provide long-term affordability, and offer socioeconomic benefits to residents.

The legislation we’ve championed is already causing ripples, pushing local governments to adapt and evolve. The changes could be challenging at first, but they hold great promise for a paradigm shift in how we collectively ensure more affordable, accessible housing, and vibrant well-planned communities.