Habitat for Humanity Denver (HHD)

HHD builds and sells homes to hard-working people in need of decent and affordable housing. To date, HHD has partnered with volunteers and would-be homeowners to build 600 homes in the Denver area.

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Colorado Coalition for the Homeless (CCH)

CCH works to prevent homelessness and create long-term, sustainable solutions for homeless and at-risk families, children, and individuals throughout Colorado. CCH shelters 2,300 people on any given night, serves 18,000 patients every year, provides programming to end homelessness for 15,000 people each year, and to date, has created over 1,600 housing units for previously-homeless individuals.

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Urban Land Conservancy (ULC)

ULC is a nonprofit organization that makes real estate investments for the long-term benefit of Metro Denver communities. ULC acquires, preserves and developments real estate in urban areas for a variety of community needs including schools, affordable housing, community centers and nonprofit facility space. To date, ULC has invested more than $75 million (leveraging $500 million)  in real estate for long term, positive community impact.

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Denver Housing Authority (DHA)

The Denver Housing Authority is a quasi-municipal corporation that develops units and administers housing choice vouchers to provide affordable housing to more than 26,000 very low, low and middle income individuals representing over 10,000 families in the City of Denver.

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Del Norte Neighborhood Development Corporation

Del Norte neighborhood development corporation is a non-profit organization established to address housing needs and create economic development opportunities in the City of Denver. To date, Del Norte has developed 20 properties, 15 of which provide affordable rental housing.

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Community Resources & Development Corporation (CRHDC)

CRHDC is a non-profit community development organization that has worked in 30 counties in Colorado and overseen the construction of over 1600 “Self-Help” homes for low-to-moderate income households, over 500 units of farm worker housing, and over 300 units of affordable multi-family housing across the state. CRHDC also provides homeownership counseling, education, and lending services to low income households.

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Archway Housing & Services Inc.

Archway Housing & Services, Inc. helps families improve their economic and social well-being by providing quality and service-enriched affordable housing for very low-to-moderate income families. Archway has 6 housing developments to date that are spread across metro Denver.

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Northeast Denver Housing Center (NDHC)

NDHC works to create sustainable, healthy housing opportunities for underserved households through outreach, education and housing development. To date, NDHC has built over 450 rental units and 400 single family homes, provided homebuyer counseling services to 9,500 people, and remediated lead and made environmental improvements in over 300 homes. NDHC works in housing development.

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Rocky Mountain Communities

Rocky Mountain Communities (RMC)

Rocky Mountain Communities has been providing affordable housing to Colorado families for over 20 years. More than 1300 families call RMC home in 8 communities across Colorado. Additionally, RMC provides resident services programs that give residents access to tools, training and information that help them build a better future.

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NEWSED Community Development Corporation

NEWSED is a Denver-Based nonprofit that works to provide affordable housing opportunities for Denver residents and increase economic activity in disinvested communities. Its efforts have helped revitalize Santa Fe Drive between 5th Avenue and Colfax Avenue, bringing in more than 350 businesses and 3,000 jobs. Since it’s inception, NEWSED has developed over 500,000 square feet of housing and retail/commercial real estate, including two shopping centers.

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Colorado Housing Assistance Corporation (CHAC)

CHAC works to help make housing and homeownership affordable to low and moderate income Colorado people by offering programs that:

  • Provide homeownership counseling to prospective home-buyers
  • Create and preserve homeownership for low and moderate income families
  • Prevent displacement of long term neighborhood residents
  • Stabilize Neighborhoods
  • Introduce innovative ways to mobilize private and public investment to achieve these goals.

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Denver Urban Renewal Authority (DURA)

The Denver Urban Renewal Authority (DURA) was created by the City and County of Denver in 1958 to assist in the redevelopment of blighted property and help foster the sound growth and development of Denver. Working with residents, businesses, civic leaders, area developers, and financing institutions, DURA provides financial assistance to support redevelopment activities throughout the city. These include single family home rehabilitation, emergency home repair, historic preservation, brownfield redevelopment, infill development, and neighborhood revitalization, among others.

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Colorado Community Land Trust (CCLT)

CCLT is a nonprofit organization founded in 2002 with the mission of creating, and preserving in perpetuity, affordable home ownership opportunities for moderate income individuals and families in the entire Denver metro area.

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Mental Health Center of Denver (MHCD)

MHCD provides treatment, prevention, outreach and crisis services to over 60,000 children, families and adults annually. Part of ensuring both individual and community health and well-being is through establishing stable, affordable and safe housing. MHCD provides permanent supportive housing through the Sanderson Apartments and also has a Housing Department which works to help people find and retain housing.

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Aurora Housing Authority

Aurora Housing Authority (AHA)

The AHA was established in 1975 and is committed to providing safe, decent, affordable housing to our community. The AHA proudly serves many different groups including, working families, single parents, disabled residents, seniors, people experiencing homelessness, and veterans.

AHA owns and manages more than 680 units of rental housing and currently administers 1,197 HUD Housing Choice Vouchers and an average of 357 portable vouchers with an annual value to the community of over $15.2 million. This program allows renters to bridge the gap between normal rent and their ability to pay.

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Elevation Community Land Trust (ECLT)

Elevation CLT makes homeownership more accessible for Colorado families through the community land trust model, a proven tool for creating and preserving accessible, inclusive communities for generations. Elevation CLT is focused on acquiring or developing 700 permanently affordable homes and serving approximately 2,000 residents in its first five years—making it one of the largest CLTs in Colorado and the country.

Together with other public and private organizations, Elevation CLT will expand homeownership opportunities across Colorado.

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